Fitness-based approach

Vinyasa-style yoga

Intense Workout

Basics of Yoga

Easy Flow

Primarily floor-based

 Alignment Based

Focus on breathwork



Slow Down

open the body through passive stretching




Power Yoga is definitely an intense workout that will make you sweat. A traditional Ashtanga practice follows the same series of poses and makes you hold each for five breaths before moving through a Vinyasa. Power Yoga classes move with an even faster rhythm.


A great class for beginners—and everyone interested in exploring a gentle practice. This class includes basic breathing exercises, as well as a variety of foundational postures (standing, seated, and on the floor). Note This class calls for a yoga mat, a blanket, two blocks, and a strap.


Restorative yoga is something completely different. It’s about slowing down and opening the body through passive stretching. If you take a restorative class, you may hardly move at all, doing just a few postures in the course of an hour. During these long holds, your muscles relax deeply. It’s a completely different feeling from other types of yoga classes since props are used to support your body instead of your muscles. Restorative classes are very mellow, making them a good complement to more active practices and an excellent antidote to stress.

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