Gentle Hatha Yoga | Yoga TRX

Originally from Dallas, TX, a classically trained professional dancer with a BA in Dance Performance from Oklahoma City University, Jenny “Renay” Wright originally found yoga as a way to cross train and prevent injury in her dance career. Her first yoga class to experience 12 years ago was Bikram. She was instantly hooked to the detoxifying, rejuvenating benefits of the heated exercise. She dove deeper into the yoga scene and different styles when she moved to Los Angeles. Renay walked into Bianca Fearon’s Vinyasa yoga class in West Hollywood and her yoga journey developed into a life changing experience. She realized that yoga wasn’t just about poses, but a practice of patience, presence, meditation and self love which empowered and enriched her life. Renay then began experiencing and practicing many different styles of yoga including, Baptiste, Ashtanga, Kundalini, Hatha, Iyengar, and Jivamukti.

While performing on a cruise ship out of the Port of Palm Beach, FL in 2016, Renay found an incredible hot power vinyasa studio, Haute Yoga to practice and obtain her 200hr teacher training certification through Yoga Alliance. She immediately began teaching all level classes aboard the cruise ship.

I am in love with Yoga TRX!!! Loved Renay’s yoga flow combining a killer core workout using the straps. I especially liked hanging upside down from the straps. It released so much tension in my hips! Thank you for introducing me to this class!


I love that Renee walks you through certain poses that beginners may not be familiar with and pushes the experienced ones to take the pose even further. Very nice pace either a newbie or experienced yogi!

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