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I was in a very difficult transitional point in my life and I needed something that would restart, ground and bring me back to me. I was looking for something to help me lose weight and de-stress in the process. Yoga found me, I found yoga. We knew we needed one another. Over the past few years I have dedicated myself to the practice of yoga on and off the mat, which transforms me. The practice of yoga allows me to feel strong, beautiful and allows me to have an undeniable connection with myself.

With the classes & clients that I support, I maintain my truth: my humble and soulful heart that you cannot help but feel through voice, movement and my artistic playlists that I share. I am more than honored and grateful to those I have shared my practice with and I am excited to share my love with the world. Together we can create a mystical space for you to find your inner peace through the connection of your mind, body and soul.

Everyone’s journey is different. And the path that you take to get to your highest self is yours. You own that. Being Aware. Being Awake. Being Present. Enjoy your journey.

She is such an amazing teacher with patience and detail to form. She used lavender essential oil at the end which was such a nice touch and she didn't hesitate to help adjust my poses so that I could get a deeper stretch.

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