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Fusion of calorie scorching Barre work and TRX Strength Training


Make a huge contribution to your stability, durability and all-around movement with the TRX Yoga Fusion Workout. This blend of TRX & Yoga combined it’s yoga. Combined with the lovely, mother-of-all-props…TRX. The TRX system will allow you to come into poses deeper and stronger than you ever thought possible. Release tension while building significant upper and lower body strength and mobility. And wake up the deepest layers of your core…allowing you to move toward effortless floating, flying, balancing, and inverting on your mat (or heck, even just a happier Warrior 2).

Here’s what we love about Yoga TRX:

  • It’s mindful. No grunting gym TRX here, no barking drill sergeants.

  • It’s powerful. Whether you’re looking to dramatically improve your fitness, get quiet, enhance your alignment or better prepare your body to spring into (and hold) handstand in the middle of class…adding Yoga TRX classes to your weekly routine will make a profound impact.

  • It enhances every aspect of your yoga practice. Strength, balance, flexibility, focus, peace.

  • It’s fun. Really fun.


The best of both fitness workouts. The class is a fusion of calorie scorching  Barre work and TRX Strength Training.  Each class provides a cardio element in addition to a strength and stretch element. With the cardio element you will get the aerobic conditioning that aids for improving metabolism and weight loss, the ballet inspired moves will strengthen and tone the body all over starting from the feet. Using the  TRX suspension trainer you’ll recruit more muscle fibers with each rep because you’re working on an unstable surface(the straps) CORE CORE CORE ! Engage all your muscles with this non-stop Barre TRX Fusion workout. Build overall strength, balance and flexibility with this total-body conditioning program. We set the reps, you set the intensity. All Core All The Time!